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The security of knowing your emergency information is there when you need it.




























USB medical alert
Medic Tag - Medic Information and Alert
USB medic ID

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MedicTag is the original USB medic alert tag designed for emergency medic information and alert.

Do you wear a medical alert bracelet or other medic ID tag?
Does your medic ID bracelet or jewelry have enough information to save your life in an emergency?

 Medical alert bracelets, medic ID tags and medi alert jewelry have limited information available. A MedicTag USB medical alert and medic ID tag stores and has instant access to all your medical and emergency information.

In an emergency your medical information is critical to an accurate, timely and possibly life saving diagnosis.

 MedicTag is a digital USB personal medical alert and information device that combines your emergency information with today's technology. A digital memory chip is used to store all your information on the easy to use MedicTag medical history and alert form and the distinctive styling and bright logo will alert medic personnel to your special needs and existing medical conditions.

 MedicTag is intended to foster and improve patient care, reduce medical errors and assure at least a minimum standard of health information is available when a patient is seen by a first responder or other provider.

 Does your medical alert jewelry or medic ID bracelet have enough information to save your life? How about who to call if you are unconscious and hospitalized? With MedicTag all your emergency information is close at hand.

 With MedicTag  any emergency service, ambulance, police or rescue squad with a laptop computer can have instant access to all your emergency information. Emergency contacts, existing conditions, allergies, medications; Medic Tag can tell them when you can't.

 A report from the National Academy of Sciences' Institute of Medicine cited studies showing between 44,000 and 98,000 people die each year because of mistakes by medical professionals. It also said that "when a patient is treated by several practitioners, they often do not have complete information about the medicines prescribed or the patient's illnesses."


 Healthcare providers must often either start from scratch or act blindly because they don't have the patient's relevant past history, allergies, or medications.

With MedicTag, safety of care will be improved as patients and doctors benefit from immediate access to the patients’ list of conditions, medications and dosages, allowing all parties to avoid the sometimes dangerous duplication of medications and other kinds of errors associated with incomplete information.

In an emergency can your medical alert device do this?
Can other medical alert and ID devices do this?
Only MedicTag can!

"MedicTags new digital emergency information and alert product gets an outstanding approval from medic and first responder personnel attending the “EMS Today” conference." (PRWEB)03/25/05

 Your medical history information is the first step to ensuring an accurate diagnosis and proper care in an emergency.

 In an emergency, medical personnel have just seconds to diagnose your needs and begin lifesaving procedures. Unfortunately, patients are often incapacitated and cannot communicate their special needs in an emergency and are subject to an increased risk of medical errors.

"The Medic Tag is a superlative idea. These tiny USB drives have made it possible to easily record our medical information, keep it updated, and keep it with us. This should be essential in emergency situations and very convenient at appointments with physicians." (Teri Robert,

 Unlike other medical alert devices and medic ID bracelets that have one or two words engraved on a tag or a phone number to call, MedicTag has all your information immediately available.

If you need a medical ID then you need a MedicTag.
No guessing - No wasted time!

 Do you need help filling out medical history forms when you visit a new doctors office? Or have trouble remembering your list of medications and dosage amounts? When was that surgery and who was the doctor?  We all have these problems.

 With MedicTag you have your medical record available at all times. Just print out the MedicTag information form and take it with you, all your information is there to aid you when filling out medical record forms of any kind.


MedicTag USB

MedicTag is simple to use. Plug it into the USB port on your computer to start the program, there is nothing to install, it's all on the MedicTag. Fill in the blanks with as much, or as little information as you need, click on "save" and you are done.

It requires very little computer skill to use, on most systems it is “plug and play” and is a simple fill in the blanks format. It is compatible with 99.9% of the home and office computer systems in use today and requires only Windows and MS Word to fill out the information form. And no special software is needed to read it, all Windows operating systems include WordPad which can read the information form.

 You can also change your information, medications, doctors and any other health information whenever you need to so your information is always easy to keep up to date.

 Convenient  and easy to carry on a key ring you can keep it with you all the time.   FEMA and the Red Cross both recommend that your emergency information, including medications and emergency contacts, be part of your disaster preparation kit. In case of an emergency evacuation due to hurricane or flood that information is much more likely to be available if you have it on your key ring.

 Are you the caregiver for an aging loved one or other family member? Medic Tag can consolidate all their medical information into one form that's easy to access.

 Hunter Tylo featured MedicTag on her nationally televised program "Life & Leisure Television". Watch the program and hear what she has to say about MedicTags emergency medical information device.

Click the image below or Click Here to see what Hunter Tylo  and Life & Leisure Television have to say about MedicTag.


MedicTag received the 2006 Caregiver Friendly Award


If you have a medical alarm or the "Vial of Life" at home
then you need MedicTag when you leave the house.

We hope you never need it, but if you do, it could save your life!


MedicTag has received the
Lupus Foundation of America Seal of Approval
Lupus Foundation of America Seal of Approval

 MedicTag LLC is a member of the